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June 10, 2010

Korean government wants to sack unionised teachers

After indicting 134 unionised teachers for paying dues to an opposition party, the Korean government now wants to sack them.  The Korea Times reports.


Korean news

June 10, 2010

Korean space launch hits the skids

The launch of Korea Space Launch Vehicle 1 (KSLV-1) was called off after problems were discovered with the space ships fire prevention system.  The Korea Times reports.


Korean news

June 8, 2010

Teacher in ‘love shot’ court appeal

A Korean high school teacher fired for making student teachers have ‘love shots’ with him, failed in his appeal to get his job back.   The Korea Times reports.


Korean news

June 8, 2010

Korean diplomat seeks China sanction support

A senior South Korean diplomat has arrived in Beijing for talks aimed at securing Chinese support for sanctions against North Korea.  Yonhap news reports.


Korean news

June 3, 2010

Kim Jong Il wants soldiers to be human bombs

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has finally resurfaced at a concert after going missing in action for 12 days.  Yonhap news reports.


Korean news

May 13, 2010

South Korean government compares North Korean torpedo with metal fragments from Cheonan


Korean news

May 12, 2010

North K orea watching 2010 World Cup?

South Korean broadcaster SBS has the television rights for North and South Korean soccer matches during the World Cup, but will they let the North watch?  The Korea Times reports.


North Korea shows China joint-Korean business projects

The North Korean government has shown a delegation from China the joint-business projects of the North and South fueling speculation they may dissolve business relationships with South Korea.


Korean news

May 11, 2010

South Korean unemployment rate OECD lowest

South Korea recorded the lowest unemployment rate of 30 OECD countries for March.  Yonhap news reports.


Korean news

South Korea plans ‘word bombs’ to tame the North

 The South Korean government is considering a number of retaliatory measures against North Korea including bombing them with paper.  The Korea Herald reports.